Mayhew Media is the result of many years working in both the film & TV and construction industries and wanting to combine both of my passions. My experiences have given me a unique insight in each field of work, and given a great understanding of the requirements each one brings to the table. Mayhew Media’s vision is to provide engaging, unique and complimentary material for your needs, while at the same time bringing a down to earth approach and making sure we don’t run your bank account dry.

We offer a large variety of options at both a personal and business level, from real estate marketing shoots (still, video or aerial), regular construction updates to keep track of your projects progression, 3D mapping (civil works, mining, infrastructure, building), event and function coverage, weddings, small scale family shoots and more. We are happy to speak with you about any queries you may have, and we’d love to use our experience and hopefully our “creative” ability, to provide you with some fresh ideas and solutions.